Jonny Bell Photography | About


Jonny is a self-taught photographer, looking for ways to express a wonder at the natural world, and how we live alongside and within it.

He has a passion for image making, and a fascination with light, process, form, and experimentation. Consistently practising as a photographer, providing imagery for commercial clients, stock agencies, prints and exhibitions for over 20 years, alongside a career in the field of sustainable development, directing a number of renewable energy companies and working with environmental and international development agencies.

Technique and Influence

Jonny’s work has obvious use of technique, experimenting with modern camera technology, Photography being the tool to erase and reform through movement, multiple and long exposures.

His early practice was much concerned with draughtsmanship, mark making, and painting. Drawing him to modern masters such as Frank Auerbach and David Bomberg, but also the reconstructions of David Hockney, Francis Bacon’s concepts of chance and the monumental works of Anselm Kiefer, the Photograph becoming a part of multimedia imagery, incorporated into, erased and reformed.

These ‘deconstructions’ have evolved from early experimentation, with modern technology enabling the reforming of subjects in camera, often incorporating many tens of exposures, in attempts to create compelling imagery.

Jonny’s work also has a significant debt to the practice and imagery of Chris Friel, and his ethos of consistently striving to improve and never settling for satisfaction or complacency.


Growing up in the East Anglian countryside, alongside the boundless skies, exposed coasts and life around the many rivers and estuaries, for Jonny Photography has acted as a form of escapism; seeking the presence of wild places, to reflect on and release emotion.

Jonny’s more recent work has evolved from this practice to draw also on the challenges of environmental action, and he has sought to combine motivations.

Ubiquitous, Disappearance, Legacy, and Vicissitudes’ considerations of environment, nature, and human interaction within, reflect on the nature of human achievement, and its’ contradictions.

Fundamentally Jonny seeks an authentic consideration of prevalent issues, attempting to create images that both engage and challenge viewers, with conjunctions of aesthetic and subject.  

Ultimately seeking to create compelling imagery that communicates a vision of our world.